About This Blog

TheGameHunter is a place where all your dreams come true. That is, if your dreams contain video games, Internet memes, geek opinions, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

I review video games – old and new – and share my candid opinions. If you are one of those people who only thinks the factor that redeems a game is quality graphics, get out. We do not want your kind here. Also, I’ll warn you that most, if not all of the games I do are made by Nintendo or are on a Nintendo system. Don’t like it? Too bad. Get your own blog. I really enjoy gaming, and really hope to connect with gamers with similar interests through this blog.

I’m not just a gamer but a dweller of the Internet as well! Since my old blog, a collaborative project with a few friends, the TeenWebZine, got most of its hits from my articles on the sociology of Internet memes, trends, and viral videos, it’s only logical that I continue them on TheGameHunter.

I also plan on putting up various other article types, like Mighty Morphs, TGH’s Rants, Epic Comparisons and more. Stay tuned in to TheGameHunter for updates!

Don’t forget to subscribe, like my blog and tell your friends, so they can get in on the action. After all, aren’t we all just hunting for a good time?



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