Nintendo’s E3 Conference Review Part 1

Someone pass the acetaminophen… I have a headache. Why, you ask? An unsatisfying E3 convention. As for Nintendo’s conference, It was definitely better than Sony’s (good presentation and good game lineup) but not as good as Microsoft’s, (unappealing games, too much Kinect garbage). But then again, I don’t care about them as much. The Wii U, that new Nintendo console looks great, but it’s pretty much been shown off entirely already with their “All-Access” video. All in all though, there was nothing really groundbreaking or amazing from any of the companies.

Oh well.

I’ll start with the best, most prominent new titles of Nintendo’s presentation and work my way down the scale until I get to the games that I can’t tolerate.

My body is ready.

PIKMIN 3 – YES! Yes! So much yes! I’ve been waiting for a new game in the acclaimed RTS series of Pikmin for the longest time! The game itself looks absolutely beautiful, first of all, with incredible detail in every leaf, fruit, and blade of grass. There are at least two new types of ant-like Pikmin in the game. The first are Rock Pikmin, capable of… smashing stuff. I don’t know yet. They seem slightly too… inorganic compared to other Pikmin. Normal Pikmin are transformed into their mineral counterparts by being thrown into creatures called “Medusal Slurkers.” The other new Pikmin are pink. Pink Pikmin were never pointed out or used in the trailer or demos, but were seen for a fleeting moment in the trailer, when the logo is shown, you can see two of them. They have abnormally large  heads, and – get this – wings. Yup. Flying Pikmin. That’d be pretty cool! Another new mechanic is the use of FOUR – yes, four – controllable captains, all commanding their Pikmin battalions at the same time. But… where are Olimar and Louie? The captains from the previous games seem to be absent in this game… or are they? All things considered, I’m excited for this one.

ASSASSIN’S CREED 3 – Not all of these are Nintendo exclusives, mind you. Focusing on Colonial American-age assassin Connor Kenway (birth name Ratonhnhaké:ton), a half-English, half-Mohawk man, he vows to protect his homeland and fight for America, all the while working against the Templars and solving the secrets of the ancient “Pieces of Eden.”

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY: ARMORED EDITION – Batman Arkham City was a great game. With improved controls and new content especially for the Wii U, The Dark Knight will definitely have a memorable title in this one. I’m a little disappointed that one of Nintendo’s biggest titles is a remade game from last year. I also feel this way about Nintendo’s showing of Mass Effect 3.

ZOMBIU – Time to hone up on your Zombie Apocalypse tactics! In this game, your character will use the Wii U Game Pad Controller as a scanner, weapons, and many other items in the arsenal to defend himself from zombies. Very unique death mechanics, by the way! (Never thought I’d say that.)

SCRIBBLENAUTS: UNLIMITED – I enjoyed the first Scribblenauts title, and while I heard the second one was great, I’m particularly intrigued by the fact the series lets you create your own objects to summon. Also, a story of some sort, which most games have.

RAYMAN LEGENDS – Ubisoft had really struck gold with Rayman Origins, and with similar gameplay (but hopefully a new, innovative story)  and – once again – drop-dead BEAUTIFUL art direction, this game should be a good one.

LUIGI’S MANSION: DARK MOON – Vigilante ghostbusting at its best! Luigi’s Mansion was a game you either loved or hated, and I loved it! This new 3DS game sends Mario’s sidekick of a brother to new haunted mansions to vacuum new (admittedly unoriginal-looking) ghosts.

PAPER MARIO: STICKER STAR – Everyone’s favorite plumber is once again made of paper in the shoebox diorama-like Mushroom Kingdom. The new gameplay mechanic of stickers affect gameplay and battle heavily, but make the game look even more childish.

WII FIT U – Wii Fit sold millions of units, and Nintendo hopes to keep the fitness ball rolling with this title. Using the balance board, there are many new interactive fitness games to play. It looks… okay.

WII U PANORAMA VIEW – Move the Game Pad controller to see the world through a window as if you’re gliding through the skies. It’d probably get old pretty quickly.

NINTENDO LAND – Nintendo Land does for Wii U what Wii Sports did for Wii: get players used to the system and controls. Like Wii Sports, I can’t see myself playing this title much. Predictable minigames with Nintendo franchises slapped on them. Huzzah. I suppose that if executed properly, it might be OK, but I just don’t know yet.

LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER – Really? Another Lego game? Not even recognizable characters from familiar beloved franchises? The Lego games are really pushing it, and it doesn’t click with me.

NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. U and NEW SUPER MARIO BROS 2 – Both of these titles seem somewhat appealing at first, but eventually seem to be just recycled platforming elements from previous New Super Mario Bros. games. The baby Yoshis in NSMBU seem like interesting gameplay mechanics (turning them into parachutes, bubble cannons, etc.), but the big thing with NSMB2 is that… there are lots of coins. Wow. That’s kind of pitiful.

SiNG and JUST DANCE 4 – No. Just No. I hate games like this and always will. It doesn’t help that they chose the most annoying songs to demonstrate them.


Not the best this year. Hopefully,  their 3DS presentation will redeem them tomorrow. More on that to come!

There were various other titles they showed – Good and bad – that really didn’t make much of an impression on me. Check them all out at

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1 Response to Nintendo’s E3 Conference Review Part 1

  1. Minishdriveby says:

    Sony has the best console offering at the moment. Nintendo has the best handhled offering. We’ll just have to wait for tomorrow for them to show off all of the 3DS games. Sony won the conferences this year by showing amazing games that you can only get on their console, and unveiling a crazy new feature in Assassin’s Creed III that actually made me want to buy the series. Nintendo, on the console front, only showed Pikmin 3, NSMBU, and Rayman Legends were the only things that impressed me.

    I just don’t need a Wii-U for 3rd party support with the other two competitors that have been on the market for 7 years, especially now that the Wii-U offers nothing over the other 2. There big deal was the second screen, but now Microsoft and Sony have second screen technology too.

    Once again the only reason to buy the Wii-U is for the amazing first party and exclusives that they manage to get.

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