(Almost) Monthly Melodies: New Age Retro Hippie

Jeez, it’s been a while since I’ve updated! Let’s kick things off with another spectacular piece of music: The New Age Retro Hippie battle theme from EarthBound.

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Featured Meme: 60’s Spiderman

What are two things that everyone likes? Superheroes and humor. When you combine these and post image macros on the Internet, you have a winning combination. Certain 4chan users were smart enough to put two and two together. In the resulting Internet trend, the 60’s Spiderman meme was born, an image macro series using humorous screenshots from the 1967 Spiderman cartoon and witty captions. The well-known Peter Parker from then on had been transformed something Stan Lee never saw coming: Spiderman became a total clown.
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Monthly Melodies: Perfect Dark Gaia

Time for more music! This month, it’s the battle theme of the final phase of Dark Gaia from Sonic Unleashed.

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Nintendo’s E3 Conference Review Part 2

Sigh… I was hoping that the second half of Nintendo’s E3 performance (you know, the one devoted entirely to the 3DS) would be just slightly better. No such luck. Barely any games of actual interest graced the stage.  There were good games, but they suffered from a very bad presentation. Nintendo, you didn’t do very well this year. Just saying.

Well, you have a point.

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Nintendo’s E3 Conference Review Part 1

Someone pass the acetaminophen… I have a headache. Why, you ask? An unsatisfying E3 convention. As for Nintendo’s conference, It was definitely better than Sony’s (good presentation and good game lineup) but not as good as Microsoft’s, (unappealing games, too much Kinect garbage). But then again, I don’t care about them as much. The Wii U, that new Nintendo console looks great, but it’s pretty much been shown off entirely already with their “All-Access” video. All in all though, there was nothing really groundbreaking or amazing from any of the companies.

Oh well.

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Featured Meme: Minecraft

Creativity is essential when designing a video game. The originality of gameplay elements always plays a big role in the game’s success. When a game allows for the player to create the originality on their own, that’s a different thing entirely. Enter Minecraft, an indie video game created by Markus “Notch” Persson.
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Coming Soon: The Wii U

Who’s excited? I’m excited! EXCITEMENT!

If you’re wondering what’s rustling my jimmies this time, E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) 2012 begins in less than a week! If there’s one thing that I – a dedicated Nintendo fan, mind you – am excited for, it’s the new Nintendo console: the Wii U. Once again, a ridiculous name choice. However, last year’s conference and recent information make the new system very intriguing.
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