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Monthly Melodies: Ryoshima Coast

It’s time for a new post that I hope to make into a recurring trend: Monthly Melodies! Every month (If I remember) I’ll post a beautiful/awe-inspiring/downright epic piece of music from a video game. This month, Ryoshima Coast from Okami! … Continue reading

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Party in the Mushroom Kingdom

With eight installments for home consoles and two for handhelds, the Mario Party games are by all means a popular spinoff series for multiple players, notable for clever board game-like areas, familiar characters of the Super Mario franchise, and (perhaps … Continue reading

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Preview: Back in Black (and White)

If you’re coming onto this blog to learn one thing about me, learn this: I love Pok√©mon. I will shout it from the highest of mountaintops and scream it in Arceus’ ear if I have to. (This does exclude, however, … Continue reading

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Featured Meme: The Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy Commercial

Before we begin, I should say that this post wins the award for the longest title yet on my blog. Across the Internet, various concepts, trends, images and videos can become very popular in an instant. When one person’s idea … Continue reading

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I’m back!

Coming soon… Actual stuff! Articles on gaming, opinions, and Internet phenomena! Check back in for updates soon!

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