(Almost) Monthly Melodies: New Age Retro Hippie

Jeez, it’s been a while since I’ve updated! Let’s kick things off with another spectacular piece of music: The New Age Retro Hippie battle theme from EarthBound.

One of the finest pieces of work on the SNES, Earthbound is a gem of an RPG. Witty dialogue, intricately-woven story, unique battle mechanics… and this guy.

The New Age Retro Hippie, in all of his New Age Retro Glory.

Let’s number off what’s just so interesting about this guy, shall we?

1) His name.
2) His appearance.
3) His goofy attacks. (Raising his temper, brusing his teeth, measuring things with a ruler for some reason, etc.)
4) His battle music. What is it about this song that makes it so alluring? A distinguished ear can determine that it’s a 16-bit rendition of Chuck Barry’s “Johnny B. Goode.” That being said, this arrangement is just so infuriatingly catchy and nostalgic that it wasn’t a hard choice to feature this music.

Next time, I’ll have an article that I’m really looking forward to. One could say that it’s almost like a gift from the gods…

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