Preview: Back in Black (and White)

If you’re coming onto this blog to learn one thing about me, learn this: I love Pokémon. I will shout it from the highest of mountaintops and scream it in Arceus’ ear if I have to. (This does exclude, however, the anime and trading cards. I’m just in it for the games.) Also, I like the newer generations. Yes, genwunners, that’s right. I enjoy the new games. Sure, a few Pokémon, characters, and gameplay mechanics might not work the best, but each one always has so much new content and creativity to offer. That’s why I’m über-pumped for the upcoming North American release of Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. Let’s take a look as to why…

Here’s the coolest animated promo you have ever seen:

(Hope you speak Japanese.)

Wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley late at night.

Dragon robots. That is all.

First of all, the mascots. Upon first glance at the boxart, I was somewhat confused. Heck, I immediately suspected Photoshop. But upon undertaking more research, I knew it was true: Kyurem gains two new forms: Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, which would appear to be some sort of fusion with previous mascots Zekrom and Reshiram. Actually, I’ve heard through the grapevine that it technically is not a fusion but a transformation of Kyurem’s own will, according to a Pokémon movie trailer. Either way, this looks interesting. The forms might seem kind of ugly and unoriginal at first, but I eventually warmed up to them. Kyurem – an Ice/Dragon type – will gain two new moves depending on its form. Freeze Shock is Black Kyurem’s move, and will take two turns to charge, like Solarbeam or Skull Bash. When it hits, it has a chance of paralyzing the foe, lowering its speed and occasionally restricting it from attacking.  White Kyurem’s attack, Ice Burn, is an oxymoron in itself. Another two-turn attack, this one has a chance of burning the enemy (with ice?) to lower its physical attacking force and slowly whittle down its health. All in all, the new forms of the Boundary Pokémon (Kyurem’s classification) are sure to be interesting.

Bronies rejoice.

Meloetta’s Aria form. Does anyone have any good singing puns?

Meloetta’s Pirouette form. It’s made of pixels, and it’s better than I’ll ever be at dancing.


Bad news: Only two new Pokemon this time around: Keldeo (a pony swordsman) and Meloetta (a singing/dancing humanoid… thing) and, thanks to hackers, we already had previously identified them before their public releases. (Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus gain some cool new “sacred beast forms” though. Keldeo recieves a “Resolution Form” as well. ) Good news: The Unova region’s regional Pokédex (the Pokémon index) has 300 Pokémon! That’s just ridiculous! This will make it so that from the beginning of the game, it will be easier than ever to catch ’em all! Since you couldn’t see any older generation Pokémon before the aftergame in Black and White versions, I’m ecstatic to hear this news. Comebacks include Arcanine (a fiery dog) Metagross (a metal automaton with the intelligence of a supercomputer) Mareep (an electric sheep) Eevee (an adorable genetic anomaly) Azumarill (an aquatic rabbit) and many more! As many have probably guessed, Snivy (a grass snake) Oshawott (a samurai otter) and Tepig (a fire-breathing pig) will remain as the starter Pokémon, meaning that one of them will be the first Pokémon you recieve, as well as being your partner. I always thought Tepig was interesting. Bacon that cooks itself!

God of fertility AND a tiger. He’s multi-talented.

Most pterodactyls don’t have mustaches.

I can’t help but laugh when I look at Thundurus’ puny legs.

Bronies rejoice further.

Since Black and White 2 take place some time after their prequels, there are different trainers. Somewhat strange designs, but I’m looking forward to seeing these playable characters in action! There is a new rival as well, and to be honest, I’m not sure what to make of this guy. From the information I’ve received, he apparently has known your character since childhood, but he looks too shady to be another hero. Two new Gym Leaders (eight bosses across the regions) have been revealed, a female, rock-star-ish Poison type trainer and a swimmer Water type trainer. In addition, Electric Leader Elesa returns, along with gym leaders from previous games, who shall appear in a grand tournament! (Even long-lost syndicated crime leader Giovanni!) Every Pokemon game has a professor to set you on your quest and start your journey. The Professors Juniper of the prequels are no longer the leading authorities. A new Poké-scholar has taken the reins, and apparently is also the Unova region’s leading expert on hairspray. As is the tradition with Pokémon games, there is always some sort of villainous organization. In this case, the evil version of PETA, Team Plasma, returns from the sequel with a more modern look. The Seven Sages, however, are still apparently a few centuries behind. (The Shadow Triad looks pretty sweet.) At the end of the prequel, Ghetsis – the mastermind behind the evil plot – escaped and was never seen or heard from again, so that might play out somehow. Who knows? Also, N, the team’s leader (but just a pawn in Ghetsis’ plan) shall return, but where will he stand in the battle of good vs. evil? Alder, prequel league champion, will play a role as well. Lastly, prequel rival Bianca returns as the ally who gives you the gift of your starter Pokemon, and prequel rival Cheren returns as well, but as a gym leader! (He was really strong in the prequel, but now he’s one of the first bosses you fight? I don’t get it…)   New characters coming soon!

Both rival and male protagonist need haircuts. Also, the Water-Type gym leader over there in the bottom left fails at tanning.

Finally, the Unova region itself.

It’s a conspiracy!

As you can see from the map, it is encased in ice, probably due to Kyurem, the Ice Dragon. This means that most of the region would appear to be inaccessible. Logically, there are new towns and cities, (including Aspertia City) some of which will probably have those two aforementioned Gymnasium Leaders. However, I think the ice is just merely for this concept art and not the actual game. Could it merely be covering spoilers? Think about it for a second. That large bridge down on the bottom? That’s the Skyarrow Bridge. How likely is it that only part of it would be frozen? Moving on, the upper-left corner has clouds trapped in ice somehow. That doesn’t seem logical. Perhaps the best-hidden but most important among these assumptions is that in the top-right area, something is under the ice that was not there in the prequel! What could it be? A lake? A stadium? Only time will tell. However, the animated promo reveals a chase scene through an iced-over town. This may or may not rebuke my theory.

JUNE 16 UPDATE: In a recent issue of CoroCoro magazine, a new ice-less map has been revealed! Images will be shown as they become available. What’s important is that I was right!

All in all, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are shaping up to look like excellent games!  Since the original Black and White set such high standards, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where the series goes! Review soon to come!

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